Theses: Business RSS feed for public list Theses: Business An analysis of 'Why so many Irish historic houses and gardens emerged from obscurity in 20th century?' / by Molony, Karen Ester Ireland in the 21st century : by Kelly, Olive Waterford Crystal : by McIntyre, Deniese Between the jigs and the reels : by Fahy, Florence A history of the Irish labour movement / by Barkley, Aidan L. J. The history and trends of Irish trade unionism : by Dunphy, Damien Kylemore Abbey : by Faherty, Niamh Athenry heritage town : by Duane, Edel The Ballinamore and Ballyconnell canal : by Sharpley, Olive M. Aer Arann : by Searraigh, Linda The political, social and economic history of the trade union movement 1700-1900 / by McDwyer, Helen Irish : by Dillon, Derrie E. The changing face of Ireland's economy - 1960-2002 / by OHara, Mike Intensive agriculture : by Kelly, Patrick Agriculture : by Greaney, Carmel Alternative farm enterprises : by Corcoran, David Irish dancing : by Madden, Mary An evaluation of the crowdfunding industry and its role as a source of finance for small and medium enterprises in Ireland / by Hanley, Audrey, The role and limitations of financial analysis / by Slama, Tomas, Workplace diversity : by Hall, Lauren Jade, An investigation into the viability of snail farming in Ireland / by Bermingham, Sean PAYE : by Ó Muircheartaigh, Seán F The Connemara pony : by Hardiman, Marjorie The feasibility study of starting up holiday cottages for people with physical impairments in Rosslare, Co. Wexford/ by Murphy, Kathryn The feasibility of starting up a bar in Longford/ by Linnane, Stacy The feasibility of starting up a floating themed restaurant in Rooskey, Co.Roscommon/ by Faustina Moran The feasibility of starting up a travel agency in Castlebar, Co.Mayo/ by McHale, Hilary The feasibility of starting up a guided bus tour service in Co.Mayo/ by Ring, Geraldine The feasibility of starting up a heritage centre in Cahir Co. Tipperary/ by Hally, Alison The feasibility of starting up a historic house and garden in Kildare/ by Molony, Karen A. The feasibility of starting up a bed and breakfast business in Westport, Co. Mayo/ by McGreal, Ann The feasibility of starting up a leisure centre-'Life leisure'/ by Heasley, Alison The feasibility of starting up a bed and breakfast in Straffan, Co.Kildare / by Moore, Fraoch. The feasibility of starting up a language school in Killarney / by Rohan, Maeve. The feasibility of starting up a restaurant in Dublin : by Barkley, Aidan L. J. The feasibility of setting up an electronic tourguide handheld device / by Staunton, Maria. The feasibility of starting up a night-club in Castlebar, Co. Mayo / by Deacy, Sinead. The feasibility of starting up a disco bar in Galway/ by Meens, Charlotte. The feasibility of starting up a cocktail bar in Galway / by Toulouse, Laurent. The feasibility of starting up a restaurant in Co. Roscommon / by Waldron, Jessica. The feasibility of starting up an outgoing tour operator in Co. Mayo / by Potet, Celine. The feasibility of starting up a hostel in Mulranny, Co. Mayo / by Mulloy, Elizabeth. The feasibility of starting up holiday cottages in Portumna, Co. Galway / by Page, Margaret. The feasibility of starting up a caravan and camping park in Sligo / by Quinn, Cliona. The feasibility of starting up an artificial ski slope in Athlone / by Doris, Claire. The feasibility of setting up an adventure centre in Wicklow / by Talbot, Ruth. The feasibility of starting up an activity centre for children in Co. Sligo / by Golden, Emma. The feasibility of starting up a guest house in Kilcar, Co. Donegal / by Lyons, Noreen. The feasibility of starting up a guided bus tour service in Co. Mayo / by Vela, Carmen. The feasibility of starting up a holiday village in North Mayo / by Smith, Carmel. The feasibility of starting up a McDonalds franchise in Ballina, Co. Mayo / by Molloy, Siobhan. The feasibility of starting up an internet food delivery service in Castlebar, Co. Mayo / by McNicholas, Lara. The feasibility of setting up a quad biking cross country course "Kilcoltrim Quads" / by Doyle, Martina. The feasibility of starting up an internet cafe in Castlebar, Co. Mayo / by Reilly, Aisling. The feasibility of starting up a cinema in Birr, Co. Offaly / by McIntyre, Laura. The feasibility of starting up a helicopter service in Castlebar, Co. Mayo / by Considine, Serena. Implementation of a customer relationship management system in an SME / by Butler, Valerie M. An empirical study : by Walsh, Sylvia An empirical study : by Birkett, Annmarie An empirical study : by O'Connor, Clare Modern sales strategies & techniques / by Ujma, Michal The Irish financial services regulatory authority and its future viability / by Reape, David The changing times of the Irish agricultural sector and its impact on rural development policy / by Bollard, Stephan Managing by numbers / by McHugh, Bernard The Celtic tiger : by Murphy, Patrick J. Advertising to children : by Keary, Lorraine Fair trade in the Netherlands and its sustainability / by Strik, Pleun The social and economic benefits of an inclusive education policy / by Kenna, Breda Implementation of the major emergency plan in the service industry / by Cunningham, Amanda A study of the artists' exemption scheme / by O Rourke, Sarah Auditing & intentional and unintentional errors in the financial accounts of a company / by Walsh, Anita Services marketing : by Holian, Hilton Reducing workplace stress : by Kennedy, Cathriona Competitive advantage : by Flynn, Martin Risk management & how claims are evaluated in Galway regional hospitals / by Monaghan, Peter Banks vs building societies : by Ryan, Linda European enlargement : by Cleary, Aine Analysis of the processes and criteria for EU membership / by Mc Ternan, Michael An analysis of oil prices from 1970-2005/ by Healy, Kevin Manufacturing industry in Ireland : by Carey, Ruth 10% corporation tax rate : by Kyne, Caroline An analysis of the safety, health and welfare at work act 2005 and its impact on businesses / by Mc Guane, Denise FAS : by Donnellan, Davina Put the pints over the bar : by Browne, William An analysis of branding and its effects on the youth markets' buying behaviour / by Murray, Damien Absenteeism in the workplace / by Brown, Elsa Absenteeism in the workplace / by Keating, Annemarie Community development : by Corbett, Barbara An analysis of the viability of EMU membership for the UK / by Sweeney, Gavin An analysis of female entrepreneurship with an emphasis on Ireland and New Zealand / by Keary, Aine An analysis of advertising within the tobacco industry in Ireland / by Hynes, Roisin Irelands foreign direct investment & the need to embrace the value added concept / by Dillon, Eoin Biomass as an opportunity for Irish agriculture, the environment and rural areas / by Conaty, Joseph Disability in the workplace : by Moran, Mary Tax evasion : by Griffin, Marian Projected impact of the special saving incentive accounts on the economy in 2006/2007 / by Gormally, Majella Customer service : by Dalton, Orla The effects of tax incentives on FDI and the Irish economy / by Carroll, Laura Alternative farm enterprises in Ireland / by Murphy, James The impact of festivals on the Irish tourism industry / by Flynn, Ruth Uncovering Galway's tourism potential / by Duane, Mary An exploration of tourism in Ireland with particular reference to the West / by Joyce, Stephanie An analysis of the effectiveness of public service advertising in Ireland / by O Toole, Maria Flying high? : by Prior, Barry Advertising and the GAA : by Tierney, Edel A study of advertising aimed at children / by O Beirne, Bernadette The barriers to competition in Ireland : by Cleary, Aisling Benefits and risks of celebrity endorsement / by Bannikova, Irina An examination of bullying in the Irish workplace / by O Connell, Niamh Reducing absenteeism in the airline industry : by Keavey, Lynda Bullying in the Irish defence forces / by O'Brien, John Waste management policy & practice : by Fitzmaurice, Kathy An analysis of Ireland's section 481 tax relief for film production / by Murphy, Paul The international market entry strategies with respect to the Kerry Group / by Dolan, Stephen Investigation into potential cost disadvantages of Just-In-Time policy in large size manufacturing companies in the Galway area / by Brennan, Hubert Women in property : by Moran, Leona Oil : by Geoghegan, Siobhan The growing commercialisation of English football and the challenges and issues facing it / by O'Riordan, Alan An analysis of Romania's entry into the European Union / by Moran, Louise Exploring corporate identity : by Davoren, Edwina The theory and practice of foreign exchange exposure management within an Irish and European context / by Cano, Oscar A. The art of exemption : by Mullins, Brid Tax avoidance and anti-tax-avoidance among mergers and acquisitions in China / by Xuan, Wentian The use of tax incentives to encourage investment / by Keegan, Julie Brand stategies in electrical appliances industry facing the competitive challenge / by Zou, Quan The new strategy of a small independent petrol retailer in Czech Republic / by Novotny, Vilem A study of the move towards direct marketing in Ireland and the UK / by Donlon, Emer The evolution of Ireland's economy / by Coffey, Susan US federal reserve monetary policy : by Cornelius, Victor Privatisation of the water sector : by Mac Giobuin, Liuc The tendency of east Asian monetary integration / by Xiong, Sisi Foreign direct investment & the Irish economy with an emphasis on the EU enlargement / by Lynch, Emma The study of small and medium sized enterpries in two APEC economics - P.R. China and South Korea / by Zhao, Wan Leadership theory and practice / by Coniglio, Rebecca FDI and its impact on small and medium enterprises in China and Ireland / by Ba, Yanjie Government ethics : by McHugh, Lucy Jo Has the glass ceiling in Ireland shattered? : by Baynes, Sheila An empirical study : by O'Grady, Clare The market potential for fish roe products in the Irish seafood industry / by Flanagan Kelly, Ann The house party is over : by Horkan, Marie Immigration and the Irish labour market / by Healy, Joanna Work-life balance in a modern Ireland / by Feeney, Sharon The changing face of customer service in the retailing environment / by Creaven, Michelle Franchising in modern Irish fast food markets / by Leonard, George Diverse cultural changes and language barriers that exist in the Irish workplace today / by Shiel, Maria The evolution of human resource management / by Clancy, Maeve Red's taste for green : by Lydon, Sinead Dairy farming in Ireland : by Flaherty, Mark Development of e-tailing : past, present and future / by O'Keeffe, Lisa Foreign direct investment, impact on the Irish economy, and its challenging future in Ireland / by Kelly, Yvonne The changing face of customer service in the retailing environment / by Creaven, Michelle The origins, evolution and future of industrial relations in Ireland / by Horan, Niall Excellence through people : by Moran, Yvonne Community development in Galway city : by Egan, Aoife Valuation of company equity and share valuation / by Smyth, Eanna Bullying in the workplace / by Rogers, Martha Analysis of the economic and social changes in Ireland as a result of the Celtic Tiger / by Clogher, Anne Marie The impact of privatisation on Irish state enterprises / by Hanley, Sean Franchising opportunities in Ireland / by O'Keeffe, Helena Corporate social responsibility / by Carter, Emma To examine the role of social class and opinion leadership in the evolution of fashion / by Loughney, Sheena An analysis of social partnership / by Loftus, Natasha Sustainable tourism in Connemara / by Mc Donnell, Cian Workplace stress : by Delaney, Corina Corporate governance in a global economy / by Lingshan, Li Interest rates & their effect on the Irish economy / by Conlon, Matthew Irish income tax : by Duffy, Louise The European Union enlargement : by Loughnane, Brendan An investigation into the challenges facing mature students returning to part-time education / by Garavan, Edel Competitive human resource management practices : by Hoban, Bernadette Organisational design of defence forces overseas units : by Egerton, Gavin. Foreign direct investment in Ireland : by Bailey, Sarah Public relations in theory and practice / by Geraghty, Berenice A research into the current credit crunch crisis and its influences on the American, Irish and Dutch economy / by Spit, Michelle Ilona International health care standards and the Irish health system / by Bermingham, Alan Recruitment and selection practices / by Walsh, Ellen 2007 Northern Rock : by Murray, Adrienne Google : by Smyth, Emma Irish defence forces representation / by Moriarty, Robert The consumer buying behaviour of Polish consumers / by Khabaz, Elham Planning, recruitment and selection of cadets in the Irish defence forces compared to common and best civilian practices / by McGrath, Shane An investigation into the process of management development in Tesco Ireland / by Lynam, John Banks : by Whyte, Breda Training and development in Irish organisations with a case study on a large multinational pharmaceutical manufacturer in the mid West / by Mahon, Ciara Organisational culture and its impact on an organisation / by Kelly, Dee Celebrity endorsement : by Henry, Gean Emerging markets : by Scully, Ann Marie Motivation in the workplace / by Mellett, Carmel The importance of export credit insurance for international trade / by Fathy Abd El Moneim, Sahar M. A cross-industry investigation into the barriers facing Irish entrepreneurs during the recession / by Mulkerrins, Aideen A study on how two third-level institutions in the West of Ireland improve their marketing strategies in mainland China / by Hu, Yuxian An empirical study : by Loftus, Natasha An empirical study into the female entrepreneurs contribution to business start-ups in Ireland / by Sheils, Grainne An empirical study of how management engage with cultural diversity in the West of Ireland's hotel sector / by Geraghty, James An empirical study of the barriers to innovation for small and medium sized enterprises in the midlands / by Malynn, Patrick An empirical study on the development of e-notary and e-apostille services in Ireland and specifically as it relates to / by Day, Ann-Marie An empirical study on the factors conducive to productivity and their relative significance in improving efficiency and performance in the office environment / by Devaney, Joseph An empirical study on the market for customised clothing for Irish females / by Whitney, Ann An empirical study on the relationship of feedback with the use of technology to develop and sustain high performance / by Cullinane, Adrian An examination of the relationship between unemployment and minimum wage rates in Ireland : by Walsh, Eithna An investigation into whether the GAA's embrace of professionalism is being hindered by it's inherited culture / by Horan, Niall An investigation of international operational best practice, in global incubation centres and their possible application to the innovation in Business Centre (IiBC) at Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT) / by Grimes, Aidan Best practice HRM : by Donnellan, Sinead Car scrappage scheme a sustainable strategy for the Irish car industry? / by Ezeh, Okwuchukwu IT outsourcing in small to medium-size enterprises in the Republic of Ireland : by Murphy, Fergal What are the environmental and economic impacts of a wind power system on a small rural community in East Galway? / by Dilleen, Padhraic The impact of the recession companies' strategies in the Irish airline industry / by Curran, Sacha Proposing a methodology for the outsourcing of the marketing function of SMEs and MEs : by Gannon, Brian Innovation through natural resources : by Delaney, Mary Theresa The development of an 18 month sales and marketing plan for "Solar Made Simple" / by McCormack, Brenda The impact of innovation communication on the residential landline telephone service in rural Ireland / by Delaney, Corina Development of Irish beef farming and the impact of the European Union / by Duffy, Richard Fast food ..... rapid profits : by Doyle, Laura Film investment relief : by Keehan, Aoife Income tax in Ireland : by Doherty, Charlene Marketing strategy and the growth of luxury fashion brands / by Lawless, Aisling Religion and branding in the 21st century / by O Connor, Joanna The evolution of media advertising in United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland since 1990 and an outline of the issues which will impact on it in the future / by Jordon, Stephen The evolution of the European Union and its effects on Ireland / by Fitzgerald, Shane The impact of organised religion on marketing practices / by Stuffle, Claire The impact of regulation on lower paid workers in Ireland / by McGrath, Sheila The importance of maintaining the low corporation tax rate in Ireland / by Doyle, Orla The Irish banking crisis 2006-2010 : by Haynes, Shane A case study analysis of the employee voice mechanism utilised within a unionized SME / by Carroll, Patrick An empirical study into the potential of a 'multi-loyalty card' for a business and consumer / by Faherty, Fionnuala An empirical study of performance management systems in SMEs in the Republic of Ireland and the People's Republic of China : by Chen, Se An empirical study of the effectiveness of Irish banks' lending regulations / by Doocey, Michael An exploratory study on the relationship between 'employee innovation' and the rewards system supporting innovation : by Hoarty, Niall An investigation of online asynchronous support within e-learning environments across the Institutes of Technologies in Ireland / by Carroll, Noel The Irish pub : by Naughton, Audrey Elaine Polish immigrants in Ireland's black economy : by Gontarska, Marlena The evaluation of the impact of using balanced scorecard on strategic performance in small and medium enterprises / by Alshammari, Abdulsattar M. Is entrepreneurship prohibitive in the current economic environment in Ireland? / by Burke, Rachel G. The empirical analysis on factors that impact on levels of innovation and the development of a regional innovation system / by Staunton, Maria Export : by Schanzmann, Vanessa