Theses: Film RSS feed for public list Theses: Film B.A. in film & T.V. 2006 B.A. in Film & T.V. 2007 B.A. in Film & T.V. 2007 No art form exists in a vacum : by Caulfield, Amelia, The viewer and the villainous : by Keane, Ryan, The impact of death in childrens films / by O'Callaghan, Benjamin, Re-enactment in documentary film makin : by Hanley, Jayne, The representation of people with disabilities in film and television / by Esposito, Katie, Marvel on film : by Singh, Shakeela Ingmar Bergman's Oedipus complex / by Morgan, Luke, What is it that makes the audience empathise, sympathise and root for the anti-hero as a protagonist? / by McConn, Darragh, The portrayal of female sexuality in American slashers is a representation of a sexist society overflowing with slut shaming and rape culture / by Boland, Sinead, Rape and sexual assault as a dramatic plot device in contemporary film and television / by Moore, Kim, Is death depicted realistically in cinema? / by Hall, Warren, The over sexualisation of adolescents in coming of age films highlights the perversion within popular culture and by extension society / by McDonagh, Katie, Exterminate all rational thought : by O'Brien, David, Separating the art from the artist : by Croghan, Shane, The adaptation of Stephen King's novel IT into film / by Blayney, Matthew The power of film music : by Campbell, Nessa Digital effects : by Connolly, Damien The importance of hip-hop music videos and how they improve hip-hop music / by Henehan, Cillian The future is old : by Kavanagh, Matt A critical analysis of the editing techniques used in the film Trainspotting / by King, Martin The representation of truth in documentary : by McDonagh, Katie The editing characteristics in horror film: what makes them scary? / by McKeon Joyce, Meaghan An exploration into the works of Steve McQueen to determine how the cinematography informs the viewer of the story / by O' Ceallaigh, Shane Irish stereotypes in Hollywood film : by Reardon, Anthony What women look like : Feminism and body image according to Disney / by Reid, Jesse Cinema, as a political propaganda and censorship during the Spanish Civil War and Franco's regime / by Santín Cerezales, Mireya The misrepresentation of the African American onscreen / by Scully, Toni Level Ground by Walsh, Maurice Blood meridian : by Rogers, Tony Robert Emmet / by Kenny, David On the tear by Carroll, Shane Paths travelled/ by Allen, Niall Ain't it a sin / by Bines, Tiernan Talking to myself and why I can't stop / by Connolly, Jamie Screenplay: A Father's Wish / by Holian, Gavin Poitin/ by Kennedy, Dayle One week warning / by Lennon, Kevin Miracle / by Meaney, Tim Representation of women in the film industry / by Kundeya, Travors Hayao Miyazaki's representation of female characters / by Rigney, Laura The importance of hip-hop music videos and how they improve hip-hop music by Henehan, Cillian Are the Irish Republican Army accurately represented in cinema ? / by Walsh, John Joe The struggle between political tyranny and creation imagination ; by Gallagher, Declan Carmela Soprano vs. Skyler White : by Feeney, Elena A comparable study of the passive nature of Hitchcock's young female characters versus his preoccupaton with the domineering matriarch character by Larkin, Philippa Does Irish cinema stereotype female characters as one of two roles, either the good mother or the fallen woman? Mary or Mary Magdalene? by Gaberscik, Branka