Theses: Agriculture and Environmental Management RSS feed for public list Theses: Agriculture and Environmental Management An evaluation of succession of floral diversity in Irish grasslands by Quinn, Liam An investigation into identifying the causes and measuring the build-up of cryptosporidium infection in calves on a dairy farm throughout the calving season by Gaffney, Patrick Blood testing of ewes determines the level of life time immunity against the Schmallenberg Virus, with alternative preventions reducing lamb mortality rates by Tara Esler Comparing the genotype and phenotype of different beef quality traits and influences and the genetic reliability between different breeds of Bos Taurus cattle by Sullivan, Niamh Comparison of grass growth (dry matter/ hectare), soil pH, phosphorus and potassium index's between the common fertiliser application on my home farm and the recommended fertiliser application from the nutrient management plan by Maughan, Jason Contrasting floor types impact on average daily gain, cleanliness and profitability during indoor finishing of lambs. by O Haire, Shane Contrasting performance of Mayo mountain and Cross bred ewes from flushing to mid-pregnancy by Callaghan, Steven Contrasting performance of mineral supplemented Scottish Blackface mountain ewes from mating through to mid–gestation within an upland environment by Mc Ginley, Cormac Effects of organic fertilisers on crop growth and soil chemical composition by Lawless, Ciaran Impact of diet on hill ewe conception, mortality and lamb birth weight by Mannion, Niamh Investigating the effects on weight gains by shaving the backs of dry stock cattle during the winter housing period. by Lydon, David Land use change by windfarm construction and afforestation has an impact on plant biodiversity on upland peatland site by McGuire, Emily Nutrient concentrations from Irelands’ largest poultry plant has discernible impacts on the receiving waterbodies by Nulty, Áine The application of organic fertiliser in Autumn will affect grass yield, earthworm population & Spring soil nutrient availability by O Donnell, Liam The effect of feed type and the presence or absence of a coat on weight gain and cost efficiency in calf rearing systems by Woods, Stephen The impact of white clover (Trifolium repens L.) & red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) on soil organic matter and sward yield when incorporated with perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) in a sward by Concannon, James To investigate whether shearing prior to mating has positive impacts on the fertility and body condition of ewes within similar environmental conditions by Maguire, Shaun Trace element supplementation in the late pregnancy stage by Droney, Cillian